The NCGA has been systematically dismantling much of what makes North Carolina one of the greatest states in the Nation.  I am running because I want to help restore compromise and good governance to the General Assembly. Our legislators should be acting on behalf of our citizens rather than special and self-interests. Public schools are our foundation, and we need to do everything we can to adequately fund them, and give our teachers the respect, pay, and resources they need to grow our next generation. We should be working to attract good employers instead of creating regressive laws that deter companies from moving here. We should be using tax dollars to preserve our natural resources and protect our citizens from corporate polluters, rather than incentivizing them. Offshore drilling should be off the table. Our coastal economy depends too greatly on the preservation of our coast, and we owe it to future generations. We need to do everything we can to bring back the economic engine that is the Film Industry, and the thousands of well-paying professional jobs and the business it generates for thousands of small businesses across the state. We deserve better from our legislators, and I want to lead the way to thoughtful compromise and action that supports our schools, protects our resources, facilitates jobs and creates a brighter future for all of our citizens.


Access to clean, safe, drinking water is our right

Our public health, our coastal economy, and our quality-of-life are dependent on protecting our rivers, our coastal wetlands, and our ocean. Companies like DuPont, Chemours, Duke Energy Progress and the hog and poultry industries have treated our waters as their dumping grounds for years. Their profits should not come at our expense. For too long, our state leaders have protected polluters over people for political gain. 

We must:

  • Ensure corporate polluters are held accountable for cleaning up the messes they've made

  • Fund our North Carolina Departments of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Health and Human Services (DHHS) so that they may do their jobs to protect our health and our environment through research, regulation and enforcement. These are the agencies with the legal authority to hold polluters accountable. 

  • Repeal the Hardison Amendment,  which prohibits DEQ from adopting stronger standards than the EPA’s rules regarding air, water and solid and hazardous waste

  • Fight the environmentally harmful and economically irresponsible proposal to conduct seismic blasting and oil leasing and drilling off our coast

  • Create and support policies that foster smart growth initiatives to ensure new development does not damage one of the primary economic drivers of our region - our natural resources.


Education is the foundation of a strong economy and vibrant, cohesive community

For as long as we can remember, North Carolina was known as "the education state." We invested in our teachers, in our children, and in our institutions. From Governor Hunt's Smart Start early education program to our award-winning community college system and public universities, we built a public education system that served our students and economic interests well. Sadly, public education is no longer a priority in the General Assembly

We must: 

  • Reinvest in public school education - our nation's universal economic bootstrap - by demanding professional pay for teachers, administrators, and support staff & providing robust spending for students, from pencils and computers to classrooms

  • Guarantee universal pre-k education for every child

  • Support and provide funding and opportunity for both rural and urban schools

  • Support partnerships between scholastic research and the private sector to create and attract 21st Century jobs and industries

  • Keep our children safe in and out of the classroom


I still believe in the American dream 

We must protect the American dream. The basic things that form the foundation of successful communities have been under attack in recent years, and we must demand action.  HB2 sent a signal that we don’t want forward-thinking companies locating here.   Our legislature decimated the Film Industry across the state by eliminating the incentive structure that worked so well, resulting in the loss of thousands of hard-working, well-paying green jobs, and hurting the thousands of small businesses that supported the industry.  And the things that we all want to provide for our families, like a living wage, affordable housing, and health care seem out of reach for so many.  Our rights are being chipped away, and we can wait no longer for that to change.

We must: 

  • Work to provide access to affordable health care for individuals and small businesses

  • Restore the Film Industry rebate program to bring economic stimulus back to New Hanover County and put North Carolinians back to work

  • Tackle unfairly gerrymandered districts by creating independent non-partisan committees to draw fair maps that give power to the people, not politicians

  • Support affordable housing initiatives to meet the needs of hard-working citizens

  • Support equal pay for women